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Golden monkey fact sheet
Golden monkey fact sheet

Golden monkey fact sheet

Download Golden monkey fact sheet

Download Golden monkey fact sheet

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Golden Monkey: Fact Sheet. Kinyarwanda name: Inkima. Scientific name: Cercopithecus mitis kandti. Size: Approximately 48 to 67 centimeters (males),. 46 to 53

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Oct 15, 2012 - The Yunnan Golden Monkeys live deep in the fir tree forests in China, where it snows a Awesome facts about golden monkeys I didn't know. Chinese Golden Monkey (Pygathrix roxellana or Rhinopithecus roxellana) Interesting fact, Local people have long believed that golden monkey fur wards off Golden Monkey Wiki · More True Facts · Bunches of Pictures -China's golden monkeys are an endangered species; leaving only 2,000 or less left in the world.

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Golden snub-nosed monkeys live in family groups of one male and numerous females. Facts and Details. Home · Asian Golden Monkey Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; ARKive Today they have suffered from loss of habitat as a reuslt of logging. The beautiful golden snub-nosed monkey has blackish-grey shoulders, upper arms, back, crown, and tail, with the back being covered in a longer layer of fine With the aliases of Snub-nosed Monkey and Gold-threaded Monkey, it belongs to the Cercopithecidae family of Primates order. Its scientific name is PygathrixNot to be confused with Golden snub-nosed monkey. This article is about Due to its diet the golden monkey prefers a habitat with abundant fruit and bamboo. TAXONOMY. Suborder: Haplorrhini Infraorder: Simiiformes Superfamily: Cercopithecoidea Family: Cercopithecidae Subfamily: Colobinae Genus: Rhinopithecus

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